Teaching and Anxiety Dreams

I love teaching and I have missed teaching. It was very disappointing to find, when my partner got his tenure track job, that the music department thought they’d reached their geeky musician quota and didn’t want to toss any adjunct work to another. This spring it occurred to me to ask computer science. Although the paperwork hasn’t gone through yet, I have strong reasons to believe I’ll be teaching as an adjunct in the fall. I’m finding it very reassuring. I hadn’t planned on writing anything about it until the paperwork went through, but last night I had the best. anxiety. dream. ever.  So I must share. Continue reading


I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for ages. But somehow it always ended up on the back burner. But after an energizing experience at urban stew‘s Play! Festival and a move that leaves me with a substantially better working environment, the time has come to get on with it.

So why the impetus to start a blog? By now I’ve realized that the traditional venues don’t have a place for me. With academic and arts funding being cut, no one can afford to hire. By the time anyone has a budget, they’ll be looking for someone fresh out of graduate school. It is clearly time to look into alternative venues. Continue reading